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Ketchikan Kayaking

kayakingDuration: 4 Hours

Description: We offer you an exclusive, small-group tour that strives to educate and amaze you.  Let us whisk you away from the downtown masses, set you into a kayak, and guide you through serene Clover Passage.  Just 15 miles north of town, this strikingly beautiful area is rich with sea life.  Your two and a half hours of kayaking begins as we paddle away from Knudson Cove Marina, a historic marina filled with local Alaskan fishing boats, and continues as we journey down Sea Star Alley before circling Eagle and Clover islands.  Sea lions, seals, lots of eagles and other birds, and a huge variety of tidal life inhabit this area, and your tour will find you eye-to-eye with them.  You'll marvel at the sea stars, limpets, sea urchins, and chitons clinging to the ocean cliffs at low tide, and you'll never forget the two eagles' nests we'll visit.  We'll take the time to show you the different critters of Southeast Alaskan waters, explain what they're doing, and how they're interacting.  The Tongass National Forest, the largest national forest in the United States, surrounds you throughout your excursion, offering a close-up view of a rainforest shoreline.  Don't forget to bring your camera, as you'll want memories of this one-of-a-kind experience!  We pride ourselves on offering you an exclusive, small-group tour that is much more than just paddling a kayak. 

Price: $105.00 for adults and $75.00 for children (7-16 years old).  Minimum of 4.  Maximum of 12. Includes transfer through all of town.