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The best travel experiences are a crossroads of time and space. You can schedule yourself to be at the right space, but if its not at the right time, you miss the experience. Although many travel experiences present themselves unscheduled, you can increase your chances of finding a special moment of revelation by scheduling your trip around Alaskan Events. Here is a list of authentic special Alaskan events to experience.



ANCHORAGE Fur Rendezvous. February 27 to March 8th. Its held in Anchorage and has been a gathering point for Alaskans since the 1930's. As Anchorage has grown, so has the event. It features the World Championship Sled dog races. These are sprint events unlike the distance races like the Iditarod. Anchorage does a great job of becoming "the city of lights" for the event and the town has a holiday feel to it.

FAIRBANKS. Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race. Feb 7th 2015 is the starting date of the 1000 mile race from Whitehorse Yukon to Fairbanks Alaska.


ANCHORAGE TO NOME The Iditarod Sled Dog Race. March 7th, 2015. Starts from right downtown Anchorage. The sound of a hundred barking dogs is not unlike the sound of race cars at the Indianapolis 500. Certainly the excitement is the same.What a an event!


JUNEAU Alaska Folk Festival. April 4- April 10th. This year marks the 42nd annual week-long city-wide emergence from winter celebration in Juneau.

WRANGELL Stikine River Birding Festival April 28 to May 1st


PETERSBURG Little Norway Festival. Petersburg celebrates Norweigian Independence Day (May 17) with a three day festival that the visiting King of Norway once said was more Norweigan than Norway

JUNEAU Juneau Jazz and Classics May 6th to 21, 2016


JUNEAU Celebration June 8th thru 11th, 2016 Gathering of Native Tribes

SITKA Sitka Music Festival. First week in June. Grammy winning world class musicians find their way to Sitka Alaska to play inspirational music in an inspirational setting. Jazz and Classical.


DOUGLAS Fourth Of July. July 3rd-4th. The Fourth of July is  a big holiday for Alaskans. It has been traditionally for a state with an inferiority complex. There are citizens of Alaska who remember a time when Alaska was still a territory and the struggle to justify that the "land of ice and igloos" was really worthy of being a state. Traditionally having patriotic spirt loud enough to be heard in Washington DC was easy when it was the only day off in summer from work in the mining town of Douglas. Today the whole town of Juneau goes to Douglas to celebrate Independence Day. It starts with a fireworks display at midnight July 3rd or early morning July 4th.


HAINES Southeast Alaska Fair. July 31 to August 2. This is the 47th year of the fair and it is still going strong. The ferry leaves daily in the morning from Juneau in the summer and you can make it day excursion by flying back in the evening. Or drive. Haines is on the continental road grid.

KETCHIKAN 40th Annual Blueberry Festival. August 1-3. Arts, Crafts, Music, events, and a banana slug race. Its a blueberry festival from the land of cherry-sized blueberries!

PALMER. The Alaska State Fair. August 27 thru September 7th. The Matanuska valley is prime farm land and combined with the never ending sunlight of summer, the crops grow to enormous sizes. During the Depression, the government relocated prarie farmers to the valley and the Fair started in the 1930s. It is uniquely Alaskan.




SITKA The 19th Annual Sitka Whale Fest November 5th through November 8th is a program of the Sitka Sound Science Center. The event hosts a unique science symposium blending local knowledge and scientific inquiry concerning the rich marine environment of the North Pacific. The festival includes many community and cultural activities such as the science symposium lectures, interactive student sessions, marine wildlife cruises with scientist, a marine themed artisan market, music, local foods, a banquet, art and a fun run/walk